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Ozone Generator UK sale hire and rental call 07541 972065

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This product category is related to ozone generators for sale ,hire and rental.

We sell a wide range of high quality ozone machines to suit your needs.

Ozone is a gas with a unique odour and is mainly used for its very powerful anti bacterial effects , ozone is one of the only ways to remove the smell of a fire, the ozone machine must be left running on a timer over the course of a week to fully remove the smell of burning and burnt furniture etc.

Ozone can also be used after the clean up of a flood or a disaster situation where a large amount of water has entered the building some of this water would likely be contaminated water from sewage etc , similarly our ozone machines can be used to disinfect drinking water killing all or nearly all 99.9% of bacteria and viruses if given enough time.

Ozone saunas are an interesting idea and with our machines you can connect an oxygen machine through a bsp connector so that you can mix the ozone with pure oxygen if need be , the oxygen / ozone mix would be set up by selecting a percentage of oxygen first and then introducing the ozone at the required level.

Our machines come with an easy to use programmable timer , it is advised to have at least 15 minutes off every 4 hours if need be , and with producing a large amount of ozone this is advisable to extend the life of the machine.

We also give you the silicon pipe with air valve and a good quality air stone , this is very handy and is very effective at removing bacteria and improving water quality in hot tubs , spa's and swimming pools , in fact ozone is so effective if you have a good quality ozone machine like ours you will never have to use chemicals in your hot tub ever again , imagine that no more buying hot tub chemicals and additives such as chlorine.

The air stone is fitted to the end of the pipe and then lowered in to the hot tub , it is very effective if you can put the air stone into the hot tub filter where the water spills over and into the filter causing a mini whirlpool, or put it lower down ie on the bottom of the hot tub where the ozone and air has a distance to travel to the top of the water , thereby coming into contact with the maximum amount of water.

With regards to ozone machine rental , we are based in Cambridgeshire so if you require an ozone machine and you are in the Cambridgeshire area it might be worth giving us a call.

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