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LED Grow lights for sale , UK stock , can be shipped by next day delivery . we have various LED grow lights for sale ranging from 35 w usage up to 150w usage , these lights are designed to be highly efficient , super quiet and to run for years.

The main advantage of using LED lights for fruiting crops is the efficiency and the heat saving aspect , as the lights produce very little heat no energy is wasted , all the light rom the LED chips is directed down towards the plant canopy using lenses therefore the light spreads out at a range of angles below 60 degrees.

With 120 degree angle too much light is lost , the light needs to be directed at the canopy as it is more effective that way , plus when you combine the lenses correctly your plant canopy will have areas where the energy crosses over and as such will photosynthesize a lot better. Light emitting diodes have been around for over 50 years now ans have been used for many things health / tech etc. Another great thing about the lenses is that it's possible to penetrate deep into the canopy where a normal light just wouldn't reach.


Reef aquariums often utilize either an algae scrubber or refugium aka a fuge (consisting of algaes such as chaetomorpha, caulerpa etc) in order to remove organic compounds such as nitrate, phosphate, ammonia etc, this allows minimal nutrients left available in the water column for algae in the display tank to grow.

Many commercial refugium grow lights utilize white LED's and whilst this will work, it is not as energy efficient as using red and blue LED's, a small proportion of white light may also be added in order to cover the full spectrum of light.

Both 660nm and 450nm leds are required for this, but obviously a much higher proportion of RED to Blue should be used for maximum growth of the algae.

Both of these wavelengths can also be used for fresh water or reef aquarium display lighting, the red tone of the 660nm aids In bringing out some of colours in fish/corals when combined with other colours/wavelengths.

The blue 450nm wavelength is used in a higher proportion for a reef, coral or marine display tank as opposed to a fresh water display tank or algae scrubber/ refugium as this replicates more accurately what reaches corals in the wild and also aids in bringing out the colouration of marine fish.

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