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Designer LED Lighting Energy efficient upcyled Lights

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Hello, We can supply you with stunning LED Lights for your home and office.

Stunning visuals from combinations of high output low power usage Red and Blue LEDs. All the LED chips we use are rated as 3w LEDs , the blue LED chips use a larger amount of power than the red LED chips as they are running at a higher voltage. The Blue LEDs are ( or appear to the eye ) to be about twice as bright as the red LEDs so all our designs primarily make use of the red LEDs in the 620nm-660nm wavelengths.

Visually these lights can only be truly appreciated in person as the visually stunning aspect is the effects that the LEDs create as they are surrounded by a "sphere of light" which when viewed is at first very strange to the eye and then once you notice it you will see that the whole light is glowing and every LED chip is seen to be shimmering, this effect constantly changes as you focus on each LED and the light appears as if it is alive.

Some of our LED lights are up to 99% recycled by weight, as we aim to use a very high proportion of recycled material , also we aim to not use any more power than has to be used and to try and make the most of the light which said electricity is being used to create.

Our larger style lights are made from large recycled brake discs and recycled table legs or other scrap / recycled metal, the drivers are new as are the LED's , as metal is used the lights are very heavy and have an industrial type effect, various models are available ie Downlights / Downlighters or Uplights / Uplighters , both designs have their own unique characteristics with the Downlights illuminating everything beneath them ( with the light angle varying according to the lenses used).

Uplights / Uplighters on the other hand produce a more visually stunning effect as the light ( depending on how close you are and the lenses used ) is hitting you directly which is the cause of the shimmering effect. Energy efficiency and Upcycling / Recycling of all available metal scrap available, we use all recycled wire ( from dead washing machines ) , recycled plugs and mains cables , which we decorate to look nice , recycled magnet wire from motors, recycled motor housings , anything that will look cool and is likely to end up in the scrap will be turned into an Epic LED.

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