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kernelpower Organic Ozonated Olive Oil High Strength 100ml

ozonated olive oil UK 100ml
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ozonated olive oil UK 100ml
ozonated olive oil UK supply high purity
ozonated olive oil UK supply high purity

Organic Ozonated olive oil 100ml , this product is made in a cleanroom facility , using a 10g per hour ozone machine, please read full description below.

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Organic Ozonated Extra Virgin Olive OIl 100ml

This product is made using a high power ozone machine at full strength (10grams of ozone per hour)  , ozone gas is passed / bubbled through1 litre of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 24 hours , this does produce a very strong Organic Ozonated olive oil , this product should be kept in the fridge at a minimum but is best kept in the freezer. All our ozonated organic olive oil comes supplied in a very high quality branded Kilner Jar.

Please note this is a very strong product , it can be eaten in very small amounts to start with but we cannot really recommend this as it may provoke very strong reactions in some people. As with all products you should research it first. Here is the process we use for this oil , 1 litre of oil is placed in a bacteria free glass container , ozone gas at a rate of 10g per hour is then bubbled over the oil ( via gravity and air pressure ) for 24 hours this leaves a large amount of ozone embedded in the bubbles of the organic olive oil.