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Ozone Machines for Steam Sauna use

Kernelpower can supply Ozone generators throughout the UK and Europe. Our ozone machines come supplied with the required fitting to pump ozone into a steam sauna , low cost steam saunas are easily available whereby the user sits inside a shell that has a steam pipe coming into it , the ozone output from the machine can be connected up to the steam inlet pipe and the ozone spreads inside the sauna along with the steam created. Please note ou should never breath in concentrated ozone , the ozone sauna when used correctly and in a constantly aired environment then user will not be exposed to higher concentrations of ozone other than through their skin.

Other things ozone is used for , Ozone is used to / for :

Destroying all bacteria on food products, especially useful in the pre treatment of food items for long term storage

Disinfection of large amounts of water ( instead of chlorine )

Disinfect Laundry in hospitals etc

Killing bacteria on food surfaces

Ozonated water can kill bacteria and mold on vegetables prior to packing

Eradification of certain insects in grain warehouses / food storage.

Sanitize / sterilize wthe water in hot tubs / swimming poolsize objects such as clothing or items that may have suffered from smoke damage

As a scrubber for removing contaminants from the air

destroying parasites such as and Cryptosporidium Giardia lamblia

Killing bacteria in kitchens

attack contaminants in water such as hydrogen sulfide, nitrites iron, arsenic,

Please feel free to contact us for more information , Our telephone number is 01487-773040

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