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Catering facility sanitisation service with ozone food quality inspection

Catering facility deep clean service with ozone. We visit your premises before the food safety inspection , and as soon as your restaurant has closed we install the 2 ozone machines with fans which will run all night at full strength and completely "flush" the whole of the kitchen / catering facility with ozone. The effect of this ozone will be a huge decrease in the number of bacteria that are in your facility, ozone will get in the cracks , underneath the fridges , it gets virtually everywhere , the food inspector will be impressed with the overall smell of the facility as ozone leaves a very clean bleach like smell, you can even leave the fridges and freezers open. You can easily look up ozone to see how powerful it is and that it is not "mumbo jumbo" or a pseudo science" the thing about ozone it is very powerful and needs to be "handled" by someone that knows what they are doing. Our food hygiene ozone pre treatment will have your kitchen up to scratch , if you rely on mechanical cleaning alone only the areas you have physically scrubbed/ bleached will be properly clean , but add ozone disinfection in alongside the cleaning and you will have a greater chance of passing any hygiene related inspection.

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