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Ozone Generator UK Hire Call 07541 972065

Ozone Generator UK Hire, we hire Ozone generators which can be sent to any address in the mainland UK , we have 2 types of ozone machines available for rent 7g/h and 10g/h. Both machines produce a large amount of ozone , however the output is adjustable so the ozone machine doesn't have to be used all the time, the timer can be used to have the ozone generator on for say 15 minutes then off for 2 hours. Our ozone machines have the benefit of coming with a 5m silicone pipe and a large air stone meaning that certain areas where the machine will not fit can be heavily targeted , you could also use the pipe to put under a door in a room you can shut off that needs to be disinfected. Also our ozone machine could be easily used to disinfect large wheelie bins and food refuse containers , by simply inserting the pipe with the air stone down to the bottom of the container and leaving the machine on for an hour or two. We have been working with ozone and ozone machines for nearly 5 years , please feel free to call us on 07541 972065 for immediate attention. Ozone machines are primarily used for the following reasons..

After a large fire where the house or building has undergone smoke and fire damage, ozone will restore some of the normal smell back into the environment , in fact ozone is one of the only things that can successfully achieve this.

Where bacteria or fungal overgrowth has occurred in an indoor setting.

to treat the Lingering smell of mildew or mold.

To disinfect hot tubs , spa's , swimming pools and large volumes of water easily , our ozone machines can also be used in hydroponics and horticulture to increase the quality of the water.

To disinfect kitchens and large laboratories where it is not feasable to hand clean all the surfaces

In ozone saunas whereby the ozone gas is pumped into the sauna so that it can penetrate through the skin.

PLEASE NOTE BREATHING HIGH CONCENTRATIONS OF OZONE IS HARMFUL , If you have been using one of our machines to treat a room , you should set the machine to go off at least 2 hours before you enter the room, and you should set the room up to vent for a while before you stay in the room.

Educational and government Purchase orders are both accepted for rental / sales of ozone machines, if you have an enquiry regarding ozone machine sales or rental please eMail Us or call us on 07541-972065

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